What your Content Marketing Must have

Content Marketing

What your Content Marketing Must have

You talk about content day in and day out, but never really realise that it’s not only the content that does the trick. The elements, the appropriateness of the content matters more than the core itself.

Here are 3 elements that your content MUST have in order to generate the amount of traffic you expect it to.

  1. Ability to connect with the audience

Whether you’re writing an article or a blog or anything for that matter, if you aren’t able to connect that with your audience, the message won’t work. You need to focus on the consumers’ mind directly, though it is easier said than done.

  • Keyword optimization

Keyword optimization is something you need to absolutely put in as a work that’s in the most essential category. Google receives thousands and thousands of searches every second and it is optimized for almost every bit of information you search.

You have to focus on what your business is generating and how you can optimize the content and the keywords. You need to understand what the user is “most likely” to search for, and you have to get all of those keywords in.

You have to avoid overstuffing. On social media overstuffing can look like going over 30 hashtags on Instagram or tweeting just a bunch of hashtags. You want your keywords to serve the purpose of optimizing your content to be found, and only that.

  • A call to action

No matter what type of business you are operating, the goal is for your consumers to do something as a result of your content. When content is well-donned with a call to action, it leaves little question as to the intention of the message and what your audience should do next. It essentially handholds them toward your end goal, making their journey simple and obvious

It’s essential that every piece of content you create include a clear call to action, so your connection with your consumer isn’t short-lived. If you’re not sure if the call to action is clear, send the content to a family member and see what action they take. If they missed the point entirely, evaluate the following:

  • Your Positioning: What you are asking a visitor to do and if it’s something they can easily do from their device (mobile vs desktop)
  • Your Topic: Did the content topic align with what you expect the visitor to do? Is it a clear pathway from the social media copy to the landing page?
  • Your Content Medium: Is the medium you chose the best funnel to guide a visitor to take the action? Asking someone to make a purchase through a LinkedIn post isn’t as effective as in a Facebook Ad.