Telemarketing for Corporate Law firms

Telemarketing for corporate law firms

Why is, Telemarketing for corporate law firms a powerful tool? When it comes to growing your corporate law firm, it’s important to have a business development strategy that yields results. There are many lead generation strategies that can work for the legal/professional services sector, but Telemarketing stands out.

Why using Telemarketing for corporate law firms is important.
There is a major difference between business to business marketing and business to consumer marketing. Corporate Law firms will look to engage with businesses rather than regular customers and so they need to use a different route.

While advertising and PPC is a good strategy for generating enquires, Corporate Law, has the benefit of business marketing, which is more compliant in its nature than consumer marketing.

With a GDPR compliant list of businesses, you can reach out to potential prospects. Having direct introductionary conversations to build interest, awareness and leads can be hugely effective and profitable.

Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy including telemarketing for corporate law firms.

It might be that you will look to use online advertising, inbound content marketing and or print / traditional advertising to generate leads for your firm. Telemarketing is a great nurturing, follow-up and appointment setting strategy to follow up leads with. This multi-channel/ Multi-contact strategy can be very effective and deliver the very best return on investment.

What can Big Wolf marketing offer my Legal business?

Big Wolf Marketing based in London has worked with a wide range of firms in the professional services industry including various corporate law firms within the UK.
We offer a range of affordable services from sales consultation, to outsourced Telemarketing for law firms, including data cleaning, lead generation and appointment setting services. If you are looking at strategies to increase your sales pipeline and firm growth reach out to us and have an initial free discovery call to better understand our offerings.