Outsource sales calls – Why you should.

outsource sales calls

No matter whether you’re a start-up, an established business or a major global corporation you may well look to outsource sales calls. The reason you may want to outsource sales calls can be different for each business, perhaps you’re looking to save money, save time or just be more efficient.

So, if you are looking to outsource sales calls, what do you need to know and what are some good points of advice? Here are some points to think about when looking for a marketing agency to outsource sales calls to:

1. Are you B2B or B2C – Different agencies will specialise in different types of marketing, you need to know who your customers are whether its business to business (meaning you are selling to companies) or whether its Business to consumer (meaning you are selling to end-consumer customers) Some companies will be in the middle of this and indeed can clients that fall into both of these categories. Knowing whether you are b2b or b2c will help you not only with who you opt for agency-wise, but it may well also dictate the channel or strategy you take to best create results. It’s important to know that there are a lot of differences between calling companies and consumers.

2. Make sure you know what you are getting – A lot of telemarketing companies you may look at to outsource sales calls to will use overseas international non-UK based agents, while this can offer some price advantage often its detrimental to the quality and conversations that are had. Ultimately you pay for what you get. Ask your telemarketing agency, where their agents are based and what their experience is, when it some to telemarketing experience matters.

3. Agree on a pitch – While reading a script isn’t a good sales technique (it can come over robotic) it’s important to agree on a call pitch, this can be points noted out, questions to ask and a direction to go to close the prospect. While a good telemarketing agency will be able to put this together, its important that they convey to you that they understand your products and or services.

Hopefully, this will help you in your search for a company to outsource sales calls to find a telemarketing agency, you could however get in touch with us, that’s what we do. Drop us an email or give us a call today to have a free discovery call to talk through our services.