How to get results from your SDRs


How to get results from your SDRs

As a Telemarketing / Business development agency, we appreciate quite how tough being an SDR (Sales Development representative) can be. There is a reason we work with hundreds of companies both in the UK & Ireland and internationally who choose us as their lead generation partner.

Telesales is undoubtedly about numbers like many other marketing channels, but the differentiating factor is it’s not autonomised, its human. Most SDRs will have to make 50 to 150+ quality calls a day and that, if you haven’t done it takes a certain strength of character day on day.

The way to get more results from your SDRs is to ask yourself the following question: How can you make the process, job, and the day better for your phone-based sales reps? There are many ways, but here is a handful:

1. Data – Make sure it’s good, there is nothing worse than the pressure to deliver results from a list of no numbers, contacts that left the company years ago, and so on. I like to say ‘Data is the soil from which the fruitful opportunities grow’ – therefore if your data isn’t fresh and rich, up-to-date with the right types of contacts your never going to grow a money tree.

2. Happy sells – There is a reason free-range eggs look and taste better because the hens have a better life. Its very similar for salespeople, if your tough not only will your SDRs not perform as well but they might just leave. Give your team breaks, a relaxed and happy environment, and incentivize.

3. Don’t stick to a script – While it’s good to have a basis (bullet points to refer to), if you script a pitch like a radio advert, it sounds as such, and sometimes even sounds robotic. You need to instill in your sales team the ability to open, ask questions and close in their own natural style.  When you have to think on the ball you don’t get bored and your conversations are more natural. Natural equals real, people buy from people, and more so people buy from people they like. Being natural and real is one of the key ways to be likable and build rapport.

Implement these 3 points in your sales team and you will get better results. Remember SDRs are the human side of your business and thus the most meaningful to a potential client.