Telemarketing – What is ‘Telemarketing’?


Telemarketing – What is ‘Telemarketing’ ?

Telemarketing ( also called Telesales here in the UK and widely known as inside sales in the US) is a form of direct marketing, which involves a sales person calling potential customers in order to generate interest and ultimately secure new business.

Sometimes the aim of the telemarketing call is not to get the sale immediately but setup a in-person meeting or secondary exploratory call or online meeting. How Telemarketing is used very much depends on the company and the product and or service being offered.

The different types of Telemarketing

There are two types of telemarketing activities:

Telemarketing Lead generation (sometimes called cold calling) – this is finding out who is the decision maker creating opportunity and making a prospect aware of the offering.

Sales, this is directly looking to achieve the sale, either as a follow-up or a direct sale call with a close.

There are also two Telemarketing Sectors:

B2B – This stands for Business to business, meaning the offering one company is looking to sell is aimed at another business. An example of this would be an accountancy firm calling companies to promote/sell its services.

B2C – This stands for Business to consumer, meaning the offering is one company is looking to sell is aimed at a consumer, a member of the public, not a business but a person.

You can also split Telemarketing into two different categories:

Inbound – This is simply where a customer has called in
and a salesperson will take the call often trying to effectively close and upsell.

Outbound – This is where a salesperson calls out to a prospect to either generate interest or create a sale

Finally, there are two ways to deliver Telemarketing:

Inhouse – Telemarketing done by sales representative within a company.

Outsourced – Your Telemarketing can be delivered by a Telemarketing agency like us here at Big Wolf Marketing. Outsourcing your telemarketing means we do the tough work so you and your company can focus on your business and not the lead generation.