Appointment setting for start-ups

Appointment setting for startups

Appointment setting for start-ups – If you are a startup one very important thing you need to do very quickly is gain new customers. One of the best ways to secure new business depending on what your selling, product or service is to use appointment setting to get in front of potential customers.

There are a couple of key things to consider however when looking at appointment settings. Here are a couple of things to really consider.

What to consider before using Appointment setting services as a startup.

1. First of all and it seems simple, but a huge oversight sometimes is truly understanding ‘who’ your potential customers are. While this can be tough if you are new to the market, you should have a good idea of the criteria of an ideal customer. The criteria you set will very much be in line with your offering. For example are they B2B or B2C, are they a small company or a large company and what sector are they in? Depending on your service area you may also want to factor in geographics, where they are based.

2. What is a qualified Sales Appointment? This is a huge point, it’s so important that all appointments you take the time to sit or call or zoom with are well qualified. What does this mean? It means the telesales agent has asked the right questions and checked off all the points that align the prospect with the offering. Are they in the market for the product, are they the decision maker etc. You would be surprised how many unqualified or weakly qualified appointments are sat each and every day by companies worldwide and they are simply a waste of money, make sure you do it right.

3. Feedback is important. Make sure when you or your sales team sit meetings that there is constructive feedback. By feeding back wins and feedback to build on, it means that the appointment setter can factor this into setting more opportunities.

Appointment Setting for Startups

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