Low-cost telemarketing, tips when outsourcing…


Why Low-cost telemarketing? Using Telemarketing is a great way to generate leads, sales appointments and business opportunities. As with most things, however, it’s all about quality. If you have heard the saying ‘you get what you pay for’ then that is very true in this area.

What should you look for in a good Telemarketing agency?

When it comes to finding a telemarketing service a lot of businesses naturally look for a low-cost provider. What are some of the key points to consider? Here are just a few key points to think about when looking for low-cost telemarketing services:

3 Points to think about when choosing a low-cost Telemarketing provider

1. Try to go native, what do we mean by this? A lot of cheaper outsourced Telemarketing companies will have telesales agents overseas in countries like India and Asia. While this can be very affordable, the quality is often not the best and leads and appointments can be very weak based on poor communication or locality differences. Using a UK telemarketing company if you are based in the UK as a company means you will get more consistent results.

2. Pay for experience. Many low-cost telemarketing companies employ newbies straight out of college, they do this to keep costs low. If you want experience and telesales agents that can better create rapport, opt for a telemarketer with a minimum of 5+ years on the phone.

3. Don’t get locked in. Many telemarketing companies will try to secure you into a long term contract from day dot, this should be a huge warning sign. Ask for an initial trial campaign, while you will pay for this of course, the campaign is to prove concept and look at a more long term partnership. An agency will often offer a reduced rate for a trial.

So you are thinking of business development and are considering using low-cost telemarketing services.

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