Who is on your site? – Turn website visits into sales

website visit

So many companies spend huge amounts of their marketing budget on advertising hoping to get prospects to their website.

The problem with this is, that not every prospect will engage with the website by calling or clicking or making contact. This means advertising and even content marketing unless highly converting is going to be expensive.

So what is the best way to get more out of this marketing/advertising spend to lower your cost per lead and ultimately secure more sales? it’s knowing who is on your website…

‘How?’ I hear you ask, and yes a lot of people still don’t know how to know this. Every web user has an IP address which is like their online fingerprint, using reverse IP lookup it is possible to see which company has been on your site.

You can do this manually but it’s a slow process and takes know-how, or you can use a simple platform called Visitor Queue, where for a minimal monthly fee you have a list of visitors identified.

When you can see the companies visiting your website, it takes a simple LinkedIn search to see some of the key people who might be visiting and then you call out to them and follow up.

Believe it or not, sales really can be that easy, how do we know? because number 1, we use it and number 2 so do some of our clients and it really works.

For a minimal fee per month, you can get the best ROI, check it out here my discount link: https://www.visitorqueue.com/?ref=pierrelewiscoombes