Multilingual telemarketing – benefits of outsourcing

Multilingual telemarketing

When it comes to Multilingual Telemarketing, I hear this question from time to time: ’Why should I outsource my new marketing campaign?’

Let’s have a look at why so many companies outsource their multilingual campaigns these days. Although some still believe that having in house telemarketing teams is best for them, the vast majority of corporate giants now outsource and remove the headache of recruiting, training and managing in house staff.

Obviously, cost is going to be a large factor in deciding whether to outsource. A good telemarketing service is not going to be ‘as cheap as chips’ but as opposed to paying managers, trainers and investing in good equipment it can be extremely cost-effective.

When it comes to expanding into foreign markets and employing the necessary new staff it can be both expensive and a large risk for any business. However, by using a service that offers multilingual telemarketing services you can in essence outsource your growth and streamline your business at the same time.

Companies who choose to outsource some of their essential business processes save a lot on expense and overheads by choosing a professional telemarketing company that already has multilingual staff and all the necessary equipment.

Professional telemarketing companies have dedicated teams. Their job is to generate leads for your business. Asking your in house staff to make sales calls as a secondary activity does not work well. Having a focused sales team working on your behalf produces better results by far.

One of the points that is rarely made and one of the things we focus on with multilingual projects at Big Wolf Marketing is the cultural aspect. It is ok to find someone with say, Spanish or Portuguese as a second language. But we use native speakers, so not only is their language perfect but they understand the cultural differences when dealing with clients from another part of the world. This is a lot more important than you may think. Being able to communicate at a roots level helps us to understand our customer’s needs. Not only do we speak your language, we understand your culture and customs.

We have to be impartial when writing a blog, and therefore we have to present the ‘cons’ as well. There are two obvious potential ‘minuses’. One is that you don’t feel like you have complete control over your campaign. Two is that choosing the best service for your needs is sometimes difficult. Essentially, these two potential minuses go hand in hand. In choosing the right service provider for you, you keep control. Choose a company with excellent communication skills, who speak to you, show transparency and are honest with a great track record. They will encourage you to be in control by liaising with you on a daily basis.

The pros far outweigh the cons. It is a no brainer. Lower costs, native language speakers, culturally savvy staff, and a lot less in house training. Outsourcing is the way to go for companies moving into other countries other than their own!

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