Best Telemarketing companies

best telemarketing companies

So, your looking for the best telemarketing companies out there, most likely to support you in your sales efforts. So, what should you know and how do you find the best telemarketing companies to work with?

First of all, there are so many telemarketing agencies out there, though-out the last decade, since Big wolf marketing started we have seen 100s of telemarketing service providers come and go. Many of these agencies don’t stand the test of time, usually and in our opinion 99.9% of the time its the quality of results they provide.

What should you be looking for in a telemarketing company? Here are a few pointers to help you decide on who to go for with your lead generation requirements. Here is how to pick the best telemarketing companies.

1. Absolutely don’t go long term! – A really good telemarketing agency wont make you sign a long term commitment without some trial period where you can test the service. If they do and they are strong on it question that. You are the client, its your hard earnt money / budget, you need results and return on your investment and so its important that the service works for you and if it doesn’t you need to be able to stop.

2. Too many fees – While different telemarketing companies work in different ways, you should have to pay setup fees, management fees etc, you should be able to pay for what you get, this means day rates, all in day rates. If you are looking to do a 10 days campaign for example, you should be quoted for this, not with a magnitude of fees and setup cost involved, this is where a lot of agencies choose to overcharge.

3. Stay clear of Pay per results – While they are few and far between, perhaps the biggest bit of advice is to steer clear of any agency offering or willing to work on a commission only basis. Firstly, they have absolutely no care for quality, its all about numbers and quality counts in lead generation. If we had a pound for every time a client has told us of a pay per results company booked them appointments with non-decision makers and explained the cancellation rate, we’d be rich. Not only do you pay through the roof for leads and appointments made this way, but the quality isn’t there and there is no come back, mostly they will charge upfront also and expect a deposit, they then simply don’t offer results. Good telemarketing companies, the best telemarketing companies don’t need to work on a pay per results basis, so they don’t. Also lastly pay per results companies tend to sell your leads to multiple companies in your sector, this is an absolute no no.

4. Find an agency that cares – Its an odd point but a good one, while most telemarketing providers will seem engaged and forthcoming, you need an agency that can and will say no, if they don’t believe that a campaign would work for any reason, whether it’s the expected return on investment or the offering or the marketing channel, sometimes telemarketing isn’t the right way to market and other channels are more effective. Make sure you know they have faith in the campaign and have even worked on similar campaigns / projects in the past.

If you are looking for a good telemarketing agency, you really can’t look much further than Big wolf marketing us, not only will we give you the advice and support, but we will help you to reach your goals.

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