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Big Wolf Marketing Ltd is dynamic B2B Telemarketing company of Sales & Marketing professionals, with specialist telemarketing consultants across all sector and verticals.

With a vast combined Telemarketing experience, implementing established and cutting edge innovative sales techniques, creative talents and methodology, Big Wolf Marketing have gained a reputation as a  leading UK B2B Telemarketing Company.

Three great reasons to ask for a quote from Big Wolf The B2B Telemarketing Company:
  1.  We are 40% Cheaper on average than other Leading Telemarketing Agencies
  2. We provide detailed daily written reports, every calling day on campaign.
  3. Our optional call recording, gives you a transparent insight in to results created.

B2B Telemarketing Company: Specialist Sectors

As a B2B Telemarketing Company, we have worked in most fields, but are specialists Telemarketers in various sectors, these include: IT Telemarketing, Telemarketing to The Education sector (Schools, Colleges ) and SME Campaigns. We use the very latest telesales technology to make sure your campaign is managed and delivered to the very highest standards.

The Majority of Clients are UK wide, but from a local stand-point we have a very strong customer base with many companies in our local Thames Valley areas, Reading, Basingstoke, Newbury, Slough, Oxford, Maidenhead, Windsor and of course London.

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Telemarketing services Reading


telemarketingThat’s right, ‘Telemarketing services Reading’ That sums us up!

We don’t just work with huge companies, we are also focused on helping small and start-up companies reach their sales potential. Perhaps your a business looking for: telemarketing services reading Berkshire being a local business or whether you are a international companies trying to gain new leads and business, call us today on 0118 9485718.

Key services we provide to companies of all sizes are, Lead generation, appointment setting, website design, content creation and many more. Check out our services page for more detailed information.

You can also call one of our helpful sales consultants for your FREE consultation, they will be happy to help you with Telemarketing Service Reading.

Let us better understand your company and your telemarketing needs, whether you are looking for lead generation or appointment setting, we can together create a telemarketing campaign that works for you.

Telemarketing Services Reading

Meet with us, we are based in Reading, Berkshire, just a 25 min train ride from London, so if you want to meet face to face, come down to meet with us, or we ca come to you.

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Why Social Media Marketing?

Why Social Media Marketing so important for Small & New Businesses?

As a small business owner, you have heard that you must increase your company’s online presence through social media marketing. Not needing one more item added to your to-do list, you may have wondered why it is important. There are a multitude of reasons why social media marketing is important for your small business.

Free Advertising
Think of online social networks as free advertising for your company. You are unlikely to turn down opportunities to get the word out about your business, and use of social media should be no exception. Today’s shoppers are researching online. If your company is not there, you will not be considered.

Build Customer Loyalty
When your customers can interact with you online in a forum that includes their friends and family, they begin to think of your company as more than a business. Start up an interaction with your clients that will create a relationship that encourages ongoing business.

Customer Service
Interacting with your customers and prospective clients online allows you to answer their questions and solve problems. People are much more likely to voice an opinion or complaint online than in person or over the phone, so take opportunities on social media to address comments regarding your business.

Observing Customers
Being a part of your customers’ online lives enables you to observe their needs and wants. You may find ways to expand your service or product offerings by listening to your customers’ online communication.

Drive Website Traffic
There is no greater way to increase traffic to your company’s website than sharing new information on your social media profiles. Blog articles, sale promotions, and new products can all be brought to the attention of thousands of people – all at once, for free – through your social media profiles. When your followers share your links, you reach even more potential clients.

Reach New Customers
Through social media, you have the opportunity to interact with millions of people who are not currently customers. When you share informative content, you will gain social media followers who may not have heard of you otherwise. When your existing customers share your links and photos, it is a recommendation to each of their friends to use your business.

Increase Sales
It all comes down to increased sales. When you build relationships with customers, increase your online visibility, reach new customers, and promote offerings on social media, you will experience increased sales.

Need Help? Use us, enquire about our services. Call 0118 9485718 or Click here to fill out our contact form

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Patrick Lönngren

The detailed daily reports were a great tool for us to keep up with the progress of the campaign.

Patrick LönngrenManaging Director
Pamela Laurento

A great service, they are very driven and work hard to get results

Pamela LaurentoCOO
Adam Butler

We are in the build up to launching a very exciting new B2B app, and have aquired Big Wolf Marketing’s services to attain interest in the buildup. We are very happy with the result, so much so that we have extended the campaign.

Adam ButlerManaging Director www.easyonlinerecruitment.co.uk

Why Choose Big Wolf?

  • Award Winning Team

    When it comes to Telemarketing, Lead Generation and Appointment setting, we aren’t just good, we’re Award winning, call us to find out how we can boost your pipeline.

  • Daily Reporting

    Each Telemarketing day, our telemarketers will write a full ‘Daily Activity Report’ with show you hot leads, appointment and opportunities.

  • Affordable Prices

    We can work with most Budgets, and make sure that we are at the peak of competitiveness with pricing.

  • Leading Technology

    We use the very latest in Marketing Technology from CRM systems through to Full marketing automation.