Telemarketing Companies – How to choose.

telemarketing companies

There are hundreds of Telemarketing companies out there to choose from, it can be a real minefield we know that. As one of the UK’s leading B2B Telemarketing companies, we know a thing or two about the market. Here are some key points to consider when looking for a good telemarketing agency. It may well be that we are indeed a great fit for you and would invite you to get in touch.

What to consider when choosing telemarketing companies.

  1. The first important point to consider is who your market is, usually Telemarketing companies will be divided into 2 types of Telemarketing agency, B2B and B2C. B2B mean business to business, which means you as a company sell your products and or services to other businesses. If thats not you then you may well be a B2C company, this would be where you sell your products to consumer, end customer rather than companies. It may well be the case however in some instances that you have multiple offerings or markets in which case you may fall in to both catergories.
  2. What is your average order value or customer worth (its important to factor in the client lifetime worth to). If you have a very low cost product or service it maybe that Telemarketing isnt cost effective. A good telemarketing agency will help advise you and ultimatley suggest you try other stratergies is there doesnt seem a compelling posible return on investment.
  3. Where are the Telemarketing agents based. This is very important, alot of Telemarketing companies on the cheapest end of the spectrum will use telesales agents overseas in India and Asia. If you are selling a product or service and want to build a good customer relashionship then comunication and locality is important. Quality should always be the main factor when looking sales pipeline. If you want the maximum return on investment making sure telesales agent can relate and comunicate as effectivley as posible in a native tougne is paramount.
  4. How experianced are the sales agents? Alot of telemarketing companies have a bad tendancy to use sales staff straight out of school/college, its great for energy, but nothing beats experiance. When you look for a telemarketing agency, you should expect a minimum sales experiance of 5+ years. An experianced sales person can take on new information, adapt and use thier prior industry knowledge to better the results of thier campaigns.
  5. Are thier Telemarketing agents trained? It’s important that telesales agents are trained, motivated and incentivied. Any good telemarketing agency will make sure to nurture thier team and bring out the very best in thier talent.
  6. Complience. Do the agency comply with all regulations and requirments? It important to know you are workign with an agency that understands the laws and regulations arround marketing, epecially in the firleds of telemarketing. There are regually new updates and guidelines to abide by.
  7. How do they charge? If they charge too little, ask yourself why. If they charge too much, you can likley get a better deal elsewhere. Its important that an agency gives you good value for money, this all comes down to deliverable results.
  8. Never go for commision only, py per result. There is a reason that the top UK telemarketing agencies dont offer pay per result or commsion only work, because they dont have to. Ultimatley, they know that good results take time and require a level of investment on the part of the agency. Pay per result agencies have a focus on numbers only and not the quality, so be prepared to have appointments booked with non descion makers and leads, that turn out to be rubbish.
  9. Do they offer a Trial? Most telemarketing agencies will try to get you to sign up for a 12 month contract from day dot, but why? You shopuld be able to try the services first and not be held to a hard contract. Thats why we offer a discounted day rate trial between 5 to 20 days. This acts as a proof of concept, so you know we are the right partner.

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