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Big Wolf marketing is a leading UK B2B Telemarketing Services provider based in London with offices Reading, Berkshire and Ashford, Kent serving clients in the UK and worldwide. Whether you are looking for a one-off ad-hoc campaign or long term B2B Telemarketing service we are here to support your needs.

As an award-winning B2B Telemarketing services provider, we have worked across most major sectors spanning 10’s of top industries from IT, Education, Finance to business services, our knowledge is extensive. If you are looking for a B2B Marketing services provider create a bespoke marketing/lead generation solution for you, we are the team.

b2b telemarketing services
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B2B Telemarketing
Why Choose Big Wolf Marketing? Why choose us for B2B Telemarketing Services

The is lots of great reasons to choose us when requiring B2B Telemarketing Services, here’s just a couple:

  • Price – We are competitive and affordable, meaning you get results with a positive return on investment.
  • Account management – Our team is small and direct, meaning we don’t have endless account managers and internal team, you only deal with the telemarketing agency and your direct account manager.
  • Written Daily report – Transparency and showing work is key to building a pipeline for a client, that’s why our daily written reports help you to know what’s going on.