Optimizing videos using YouTube analytics data

What if you could reach an audience that is greater than something you’ve never dreamt about? Bigger than the biggest streaming giants?

It is Indeed possible!

The amount of audience YouTube videos can reach is just incredible! YouTube videos can reach 2 billion users per month! Crazy? But that’s the truth.

This is all possible through YouTube analytics. Well, I’ll explain how to use it and what are the metrics that you need to track to leverage this information.

What is YouTube analytics?

YouTube analytics is a tool provided by the site itself that helps you track metrics such as viewer time, demographics, impressions and much more.

You must be wondering what’s the use of this data? You can leverage all this information to gather proper insights on what sort of content your audience is interested in so that you can improve your strategy accordingly.

Key metrics to track

There must be a reason for everyone to get lost in SO MUCH of data that a marketing platform provides and it is just natural to get lost.  It’s important to know what are the key metrics that you need to track and believe me YouTube analytics is way easier than some others.

You need to view those metrics which put up a “question” in your mind. These might include :

  • How do viewers engage?
  • How much time do they spend watching a video?
  • Why do they exit?
  • Do the demographics match with buyer personas that you have?

With the answers to the above questions, it might be a lot simpler for you to gauge which metrics you need to look at.

Let me now take you through some of the metrics.

  1. Demographics

When creating a video you should know, whom you’re targeting and who’s watching. YouTube demographics data reveals all such information such as location (city, country), age, gender etc.


If you have people from a specific location watching your videos, you might tweak or tailor your content to that particular location.

Age & Gender

Knowing which age group is watching your videos is another very important metric. You wouldn’t want to produce R-rated content if your viewer age is typically from 14-18.

youtube analytics demographics

2. Traffic source

Traffic sources tell you about from where people find your videos. It can include YouTube search, external sources, channel pages etc.

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There might be a case where your blog posts drive a lot of traffic to your videos, so you would want to embed more videos in your blogs.   Also, you can click on each source to get a more detailed info. About that particular source.

3. Watch time

People sometimes do think that “views” are the ONLY thing that counts on a video. That’s not true. If you have huge number of views, that obviously great, but having a high watch time is even better. It tells you how long people have been watching your video and if they’ve been watching it for long, clear and simple – Your content is great!

With this you can get a bunch of insights like, what types of videos have high watch times? Which of them have low watch times?

4. Subscribers

When someone hits the “subscribe” button on your channel, they are confirming that they like your content and they are ready to see more videos as and when you post them.

YouTube analytics gives a lot of insights regarding the subscriber count like, how many subscribers you gained/lost, which are the videos that gained you so and so number of subscribers. Analyzing these metrics can help you make changes to your content. Eg, if shorter videos are contributing more to your subscriber count then you should focus on shorter videos.

If the number of non-subscriptions is more than the number of subscriptions, you probably need to investigate — maybe check the traffic sources for them.

youtube analytics example


YouTube analytics is necessary in running any successful YouTube campaign. You need to have proper information about your audience, about what you’re doing well, what and why you need to improve in certain areas.

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