How to navigate out of a pandemic – Business moves forward.

covid 19

I was walking down the beach, looking at the ocean and for a moment, as I saw the sun beaming down on the waves hitting the shore, it would be hard to believe what’s happening at the moment.  Coronavirus, Covid 19, whatever this thing calls itself, its hurt people.

As we attempt to emerge out of lockdown, with the news suggesting a possible second major wave, it’s daunting. While sadly many lives have been lost during this pandemic, it has also majorly affected many people’s mental health, these are not normal times.

As we move towards ‘the new normal’ as its being termed, how do we rescue our businesses and breathe new life into them? This is a question business owner after the business owner is asking me as a Sales & Marketing Consultant and founder of Big Wolf Marketing group.

My thoughts and advice are simple, we have to carry on. For some, I understand that is daunting in itself, but collectively we have to return to work, invest in people, and dare to push ourselves. At the end of the day, most business owners got to where they are by being strong-willed entrepreneurs who by our very nature aren’t adverse to risk and making educated bets on the future.

While I appreciate we may well be going into a depression and an uncertain time, business will carry on, it always does, there will be winners and losers of course, but if history has taught us anything it’s in downtime heroes are created and companies grow.

Some major advantages I see are prices in some areas going down due to demand, while ok, the cost of living and some things are going up, but there is an advantage in some costs.  Also, a major one is people power, with many people losing jobs there has never been such a pool of talented people available.

And lastly, more than ever people want value for money which really is a good thing, if your product or service speaks for itself, you can focus on that and convey the value.

So how do we ‘navigate’ the waves of this nightmare? We push hard, we network more, albeit virtually, we e-mail more, we call more we connect more. We do what business is, we make moves and we make things happen.

And of course, a great way to get started is to reconnect with old clients and source new ones, at Big Wolf Marketing we do exactly that, we help companies secure new sales pipeline. If you would like some support or advice get in touch with us today.