Telesales: When is a good time to call?

When it comes to Telemarketing / Telesales, a topic that comes up fairly often is ‘Time’. ‘When is good to call?’. ‘Is there days in the week that are better than others?’ are many of the regular questions I have when consulting with businesses.

It’s interesting, I’m fascinated by The psychology of sales, what effects peoples decision to buy, how emotion can alter buying state and of-course ‘what is the peak window to call them in’.

There is this generalization that Monday’s and Fridays are bad for calling, the thoughts behind this are that people hate Mondays and Fridays are really just a slide into the weekend. If you assume this is right, without going deeper into the personality map of your potential prospects, you could well be making a mistake. For example if your managing director has meetings during the week, they are more likely to be in the office Monday and Friday. Not every CEO takes Friday off to play golf..

An old boss of mine, in high pressured sales role in the city, said ‘There is no good time to call, nobody waits at their phone for you to make a sales call’ and I truly believe this today.

Make hay while the sun shines, if less people call on a Friday because they don’t think its a good day, get calling, you will have a better chance.

A little tip from my telemarketing expert tool-kit; sometimes if you call super early on a Monday morning, 8.30 am, the receptionist might not be in yet, I’ve known to call many an SME and get straight through to the managing director early morning. You know what they say, ‘The early bird gets the worm’. So when people ask me ‘whens a good time / day to call companies..’ I say ‘everyday’!

time to call
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