GDPR Telemarketing Boom

For the last couple of years non-expert consensus or outside opinion was that ‘Telemarketing was a dying strategy’ Hello GDPR! Its confirmed, what all of us insiders, Telemarketing experts have known all along, Telemarketing has and will continue to be more important than ever.

As you might be aware, GDPR is concerned with the use of data, part of this new legislation reinforces the anti spam laws, needing recipients to be formally opted in. Gone are the days that you can just send spam e-mails with the hope something will stick.

As regulating authorities govern on these new outlines, penalties in the way of fines will become increasingly apparent.

So how does Telemarketing fit into this? Alongside the ability to reach out to prospects most effectively, our job will increasingly incorporate opting potential clients in, so that they are legitimately opted in, in a compliant and recorded fashion.

E-mail marketing and automation wont collapse, they will simply become part of a more refined business development strategy.

Telemarketing, broken down in its most simple definition is people connecting with people, personality sells and it always will.

GDPR Telemarketing
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Don’t be scare-mongered when it comes to GDPR, its not limiting, while it can seem like that, it’s a step in the right direction. If you want to re-define, better understand or develop your new business development process with us, get in touch.

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