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B2B Full Service Marketing Solutions

As well as Telemarketing Services, we offer an extensive range of traditional & Digital Marketing services.

Our Full Service Marketing Solutions are designed to work in combination with, or without a Telemarketing campaign.

Marketing services are key to every company’s success, whether they are supporting an existing customer base or driving new business sales.

At Big Wolf Marketing, we offer a Full service Marketing solution, from Branding & website development, Social media and Digital marketing through to Print, PR and of course Telemarketing.

Full Service Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing

Blogging / Content Creation

Making sure your website’s content talks to your potential new clients, is key to engagement.

Social Media Management

Having a Social Media strategy is becoming more and more important, ask us why.


Are you looking to increase traffic / clients, ask us more about SEO & PPC.

e-mail Marketing

Sending an e-mail is a great way to make an impact. A great time to send an e-mail out is prior to calling out on a Telemarketing campaign, this can significantly enhance the results achieved.


Data Sourcing

We can source B2B data, based on the criteria of your potential prospects.

Data Cleaning

Do you have data that is old or needs cleaning or building, we can help.


Straight forward Telemarketing, is calling the acquired data-set to make prospects aware of your products and or services.

Lead Generation

This is the art of generating leads over the phone, qualifying opportunities by a defined lead criteria.

Appointment Setting

This is the art of creating Telephone and or face to face sales appointments.

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