About our Telesales Test

Put yourself or your sales team to the test. With our mini Telesales test. The answers of these questions are marked in-line with our experience as a leading B2B Telemarketing agency, answers may differ based on company / sector etc, this is to use as a guideline only.

We hope that this mini test will give you an idea of what you may be doing right and wrong and may help you change small variables of your telesales process to create even better results.

If you would like more support with your Telemarketing, we can help with our Telesales Training & Consultancy services.

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1. If on the Call you (or your sales team) book an appointment the best step would be to..


2. After the initial pitch statement to the prospect, I (or my sales team) will:


3. When pitching the prospect, what would be the most similar to your (or your sales team’s) style?


4. How do you source prospect information


5. What should you (or your sales team) do if the prospects says ‘Sorry I don’t deal with this, its not my decision’ ?


6. When the prospect says ‘Sorry I’m busy..’ what would be your (or your sales team’s) reply?


7. What do if you (or your sales team) do if are put through to voicemail?


8. What is the most similar opening you (or your sales people) say when talking to a gatekeeper (receptionist or staff, trying to block the call) ?


9. What do you (or your marketing team) do before Telemarketing