It can differ from campaign to campaign, but genreally it starts with a call consultation, then if further information gathering is needed we will send a briefing document (a list of questions with the aim of further understanding your business). When we have an understanding of your company and offering we will prepare a sales call pitch, if you have not supplied one to us (some clients prefer this but its not essential). Then we require the data to call from, this is a list of companies and numbers, we can sourced this (additional costs apply) or you can provide us with a dataset. We then commence calling and will report to you on a regular basis genreally in written reports.

Absolutley! The reason companies use us is because we offer them our services as if we are an extention of thier team, this means sounding great! All our team are native British speaking trained telesales people. The majority of our team are now homebased, working on our team monitoring platform. Since the implimentation of this practice we have seen an increase in results and productivity aswells as happier staff who stick with us.

No, but if you would prefer that we use one you have created then ofcourse we can. We will create a sales pitch inclusive of our telemarketing service, once we have had a chat with you and better understand your company and offerings. We will then use this as a guide adding personality and movment to the converstation.

Data is super important to any Telemarketing campaign we deliver. If you dont have a list of companies / numbers for us to call we can source data for you a small additional cost, ask one of our team for more information.

When it comes to our Telemarketing services we are purely B2B meaning we call business withing the business day. Our agents call from 9am t 5pm UK time with a 1 hour lunch break, meaning our agents call for 7 hours per day, unless otherwise agreed.

GDPR and being complient is of paramount importance, we therefore adhere to all guideline set out and use systems and note communication effectivley.

With adhoc campaigns we work on a booking basis, this means payment upfront. With packages / contracts, we ask that the inital month is paid upfront as a deposit and billing there after is on a monthly basis inline with the agreement in place.

Yes, subject to client (what sector you are in, your offering etc) we may offer an intoductionary rate trial, a discounted day rate to prrov concept. We offer this to clients that have a longterm view to using us. Ask one of our team today.

Every company marketing stratergy differs, and so to best recomend which channel you use be it Telemarketing, social media maketing or PPC we will call you to discover more about your company.


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