Customer Profiling

Customer profiling is one of the most important pre-marketing exercises. Now when I say profiling you most probably think of a crime documentaries on Netflix (I love them), but you don’t have to go too far with it, you don’t have to know what cereal they eat.

So why is it so important to know your potential customers? Well, if you’re not a newbie business and your starting to establish a client base, you will know who your perfect customer is.

Understanding, your clients, who they are, where they are, is vital. In what I call ‘solution selling’ (Letting the client know your product or service is right for their situation / problem) knowing challenges or identifying commonalities in their sector / vertical can help you close the deal.

If you don’t understand what I mean by customer profiling, then think about these questions:

  1. What size of company is my perfect client?
  2. Are they in a set geographic location, nation-wide or global?
  3. What sector / vertical are they in?
  4. Who within this organisation would be the decision maker(s)?

So why are these key to the success of your business, and ultimately help you to increase profit? Well so much time can is wasted, literally in marketing to the wrong people. By making sure you have the right target market, you are setting up the campaign to move in the right direction

Customer Profiling

If you know your strengths as a company, the types of companies and clients that you serve well, you can excel. By in many ways simplifying your new business lead generation you can focus on making the right clients profitable. In many instants when you have well profiled a potential client, not only do you get the quick win, but you can also upsell and cross sell further on their customer journey.

If you are looking for advice or support in a consultative respect, feel free to reach out to me ( If your interested in Big Wolf marketing helping with this process and your lead generation, get in touch with one of our offices today.