company history

Big Wolf Marketing has grown from a simple idea, enabling companies to grow. We are becoming standout leaders in cost effective B2B Marketing solutions. Here is our journey timeline from the start through to today.

  • 2013

    An Idea to make a change...

    In late 2013, after working in various lead generation companies, Pierre Coombes, by this time a 'long in the tooth' sales professional, decided he would improve the service experience companies saw. Pierre got to work, looking at the market and outlining a definative offering.

  • 2014

    Big Wolf Marketing Ltd Incorporated

    The idea was now a fully-fledged business plan with the ball set in motion, Big Wolf Marketing was born! Big Wolf Marketing Ltd was incorporated in Reading, Berkshire.

  • 2017

    BIG Big Wolf Growth

    This was the year Big Wolf Marketing moved from their humble Reading office to The super-smart Shard based office. Not only did we grow in the UK, but internationally with Big Wolf Marketing Australia launching setup by James Fox. This was a year of major growth as we expanded to cover multiple areas in the UK setting up multiple small office locations to support the growing client demand.

  • 2020

    Big Wolf Group — Continues to grow

    Despite this being a tough year with Brexit in the UK and Coronavirus, we continue to grow and expand, opening the group to franchisees globally, who look to join the Big Wolf Marketing family to support other regions.

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“Across the last year we have worked with Big Wolf Marketing on a multi-agent B2B campaign. The appointment deliverable target was high and yet it was achieved. They secured 100’s of meetings with many top companies in the finance, tech and business services and other sectors, including FTSE 100 prospects. The client growth we have seen in this period is really impressive. ”

Stephan Grund
Co-Founder, Caterwings

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