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What to look for in a Telesales Company

So, you are thinking of reaching out to a Telemarketing agency, a Telesales company, what should you be looking for and what should you be aware of?


There are many agencies out there, lots of new small agencies and so it would appear that there is a lot of choice out there in the market. How do you opt for an affordable reliable option?

Point one would be to make sure you work with a Telesales company that is flexible, many will look to sign you up to a 3-to-24-month contract, a good Telesales company won’t do this from the offset. See if you can book a 2 week or even a 5-day campaign first and look at the results and experience working together.

Of course, results can take time and dependant on your sector pipeline needs to be built but a good Telesales company will allow you the option to try on a small level first.

Do not get sucked into paying expensive setup fees, at Big Wolf Marketing we believe that you should only be billed for the campaign calling, not the setup. Some agencies are known to charge upwards of £250 to £2,000 just to setup the campaign, we strongly disagree with this practise.

Clear and transparent reporting – You would be surprised how many business development agencies / Telesales companies will not provide good communication. As a leader our field we believe in daily written reporting so you can see the results coming through and stats. Its vital to get a sense of how the campaign is going that you can see written accounts of calls and see call stats.

Compliance & Security – In an increasingly changing world of technology it is important more-so than ever to make sure data, and reporting and information is kept securely. GDPR and other in place laws need to be adhered to and so you need to make sure you work with an experienced and establish company.

If you are looking to work with a Telesales company reach out to us, we would be happy to help and explain the process in more detail. Reach out today or book a 5-day trial.

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