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B2B Appointment Setting Services - What to Think about

When it comes to B2B Appointment setting we know what creates sales results. As the UK leading B2B Appointment setting company we can offer some key pointers to consider when booking sales appointments.

First of all, when it comes to B2B appointment setting, think time, the sooner to see the prospect the better likeliness the appointment will convert.

Generally, the rule in telemarketing worlds is within a 2-week window, outside of this opportunities may cool down. There is a saying ‘Strike while the iron is hot’ and this really does relate to the world of sales. Some companies will opt to book within a 4-week window, but this is when there is nurturing between now and the appointment date or it is a long lead offering. This is fine but anytime outside of this you would be better to call back nearer to the time and book with them when they are ready in a better buying position.

Most importantly make sure you are meeting with the right person; you would be surprised how many bad B2B Appointment setting companies will book unqualified prospects just to confirm a meeting. If you don’t sit with the decision maker you may be wasting your time, this can be different in the type of company that has multiple decision makers in a buying process, but a good appointment setter will work out how to get to the highest level.

Finally make sure you follow up your call with the confirmation of your agreed day and time. By making sure the event is in your prospects calendar means they are less likely to no show or cancel last min.

If indeed you are looking for a B2B Appointment setting company reach out to us at big wolf marketing and let us create sales qualified appointment opportunities for you and your business. 

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