5 Business development tips

Now that your business is up and running, you would be looking at growing it. There are a number of directions that you can take. See what suits you the best.

Going Deeper

Your business may have been repair of microwaves. Can you include refrigerators here? Or even electric ovens? Get your employees properly trained and certified so that they are able to handle these new products. Pick up products that are related so that your technicians are able to use their existing skills too.

Going Wider

You are already in the business of sales training. Since you are already making inroads into the corporate world, why not help them with CRM? You may like to help them to formulate their corporate strategy too. These areas may not be completely related but you can provide holistic support to your client.

Backend Integration

In case you are a photocopying machine supplier, you may like to start supplying photocopying paper too. Next it can be photographic paper and then paper for projects and so on. Since you are into photocopying business, you would be well aware about the amount of paper being used and the profit it entails.

Enhancing Productivity

You can never sustain or grow your business without your team. Enhance their productivity by boosting their morale. Remember that your employees want much more than salary from you. They are looking for appreciation along with opportunities for growth. Provide a conducive and happy working environment. Make each employee feel important. This way you can be assured of higher productivity and happier employees.

Communicate Well

You may be having high plans for your business. But are your employees aware of them? Share your ideas and dreams with them. Let them know how they can contribute. Share with them all the milestones that have been achieved. Tell them about the future path. Make them a part of the complete strategy. After all, you cannot achieve anything without them. In case you want commitment and passion from them, you need to communicate well with them. This can mean having an open door to your office policy or something similar. The idea is to ensure that your business grows. This would also mean that the employees grow. Once you are able to communicate this to your work-force, your work is done. They would go all out to make your dreams come true!

5 Business development tips