IT Telemarketing Campaigns

IT Telemarketing is perhaps one of the most difficult sectors to work in for many reasons. One of the key reasons is, If your marketing to IT contacts, The Decision maker contact rate is usually lower than normal.

As a company we have worked on many IT Telemarketing projects, both lead generation and appointment setting.

Experience IT Telemarketing Consultants

Our experts have worked on many Large IT Campaign within the course of their Telemarketing experience, such campaigns include:

IBM, Checkpoint, Cisco, RSA

IT Clients Include

  • Seimon
  • Bluebird Global
  • Multisoft Consulting
  • Easy Blog Networks
  • Smooth IT Support
  • InfoSaaS
IT Telemarketing
Making the Process easy

Our job is to make your sales process easier and thats exactly what we do.

From our initial briefing through to our reporting, we make sure every aspect is managed to provide quality, transparency and consistency.

From the off-set we will ask you for as much information on your products and or services as possible. At the start we will also send you a questions and answers form for you to fill out, once we have this we will put together a draft lift speech / call script. Once you have signed off the lift speech we are ready to get calling out on the campaign.

Our report include a daily summary, the appointment and or leads created and any requests for further information.

If you have any questions and would like to find out more about initiating a campaign with us, get in touch today.