Free Marketing Advice

Is it really Free?

For the people that say ‘Nothing in this world is free’ well, sorry but your wrong, our advice is.

So why are we now offering Free Marketing Advice, well there is 2 reasons. Firstly, its important to give back to the small business community and to inspire other budding sales people and marketers. The second reason for offering Free Marketing Advice, is we know if we support you, answer your questions and help, when it comes to needing our services, you will look no further.

What Can I ask?

So what can you ask? Anything in relation to B2B Marketing, yes we are B2B Marketing experts, so our experience and knowledge is in the business arena. Some topics, we are very hot on of course are Telemarketing, Appointment Setting, e-mail marketing (Digital Marketing), SEO, PPC, pretty much anything that fits the ‘B2B Marketing’ toolbox.

It really doesn’t matter whether you are a student, newbie sales person, business owner or fellow marketer, reach out.

How does it work?

Its super easy, fill out the form to the right with your details and question. Once we have received your question, we will review it and write the our advice or answer in a blog. We will then e-mail you the blog post, feel free to share this with your friends / work team, help to spread the word. We will do our best to blog twice weekly. (Please note, we may not be able to answer every question, but will do our best to do so. Also, the advice is our experienced opinion, what you choose to do with this is your choice.)

Free Marketing Advice

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